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    Gluten Free Ingredients Info Statement

    26th April 2017

    RE: Gluten Free Products / Ingredients


    The following Kellys Candy Co. products do not contain gluten in the ingredients at levels that require them to be listed as part of the mandatory labelling requirements set by FSANZ.

    • Rocky Road*
    • Peanut Brittle*
    • Coconut Ice*
    • Rainbow Jellies*
    • Fudge*
    • Aniseed Jellies*
    • Macadamia Brittle*
    • Toasted Mallows*
    • Rocky Road Bites*
    • Choc Rum Dates
    • Peanut Clusters
    • Sugar Peanuts
    • Coconut Roughs

    We do manufacture one product (Turkish Delight) in our factory that contains gluten in the ingredients. So as a precaution, every product that comes out of our factory includes ‘may contain wheat from other products manufactured in the same facility’ in our allergy advice on the back of the pack.

    Whilst the products listed above do not contain gluten at levels that require them to be listed on the ingredients, the majority of our products do use glucose syrup*. The glucose syrup we use has less than 20mg/kg detectable gluten which has been assessed as safe, because it is processed to make it suitable for consumers who are allergic to wheat. (For more information please refer to this document- FSANZ Glucose Gluten Info Aug 2016).

    Also see the following extract from the fact sheet issues by Coeliac Australia regarding glucose syrup (glucose-syrup-fact-sheet):

    Can people with coeliac disease still consume products containing Glucose Syrup?

    Medical experts advise that products containing glucose syrup made from wheat are still suitable for the vast majority of people with coeliac disease or those medically diagnosed as requiring a gluten free diet.

    I am very sensitive. Can I have products that contain Glucose Syrup?

    Coeliac Australia understands that sensitivity to gluten varies amongst those with coeliac disease. The choice to consume products that are not labelled gluten free, and that contain glucose syrup made from wheat, must be made by each person in consultation with their medical adviser. While the current medical advice is that the risk is negligible, ongoing medical follow up and dietary guidance is essential for all people with coeliac disease to ensure effective disease management.

    For further information please refer to the glucose-syrup-fact-sheet issued by Coeliac Australia.


    At Kellys Candy Co. we take pride in being transparent and upfront about the quality and make-up of the ingredients in our products, so if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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